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Unsubscribe 取消訂閱電子報

If you want you to unsubscribe the newsletter, you could...

1) PRESS the unsubscribe link in our email. It should be a link with the word "Follow this link to unsubscribe"

2) Login your account and go to un-tick the "NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS" box in your "Account"

3) Use our Contact Form to tell us your email address and unsubscribe wish.



1) 於我們的郵件上按動 "取消訂閱" 的連結

2) 登錄 "我的帳號" , 然後取消勾選在 "郵件列表訂閱" 列表上的 "本店快訊"

3) 使用我們的 聯絡表格,告訴我們有關你不想收到我們郵件的意願